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VFA Update – Covid 19

COVID-19 Update:

 VFA High School’s September 2020 Restart Plan

Dear VFA High School Parents, Guardian and Students:

We are halfway through our Fall 2020 term! Our students have been following the COVID-19 rules very well. With a lot of space in the building and strict protocols, we are providing a safe, productive environment for our students and staff.    

At VFA High School, our priority is keeping everyone safe and healthy during this time. We have developed a detailed COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan, including such infection control measures as:

  • Symptom Assessment and Illness Policies and Procedures
  • Physical Distancing Strategies and Minimal Physical Contact
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Frequent Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Lunchtime Protocol

VFA High School COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols

Symptom Assessment and Illness Policies/Procedures

•Vancouver Formosa Academy will abide by all public health measures. Specifically, we will cooperate with Vancouver Coastal Health in any communication to the school community that concerns public health, such as a confirmed case of COVID-19 at the school.

•Any staff or student who has symptoms of COVID-19, who has travelled outside Canada in the last 14 days, or has been identified as a close contact of a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19 must stay home and self-isolate in accordance with guidance from the BC Centre for Disease Control and may not enter the school

• If a student develops symptoms of COVID-19 while at home, parents or guardians must keep their child at home until all symptoms have resolved and they have been cleared to return to school as per the COVID-19 Health checklist provided to all parents.

• The school will clearly communicate with parents and guardians their responsibility to assess their children daily before sending them to school.  • Staff will keep in daily contact with parents and guardians regarding attendance.

• A VFA staff member will hold a daily health check at the school front door by asking students if they have any symptoms of common cold, influenza, COVID-19, or other respiratory disease. Students exhibiting or feeling these symptoms will not be allowed to attend class. They will be kept in isolation a parent or guardian can take them home.

• Visitors will be limited and must undergo a health check.

Physical Distancing Strategies and Minimal Physical Contact

• Although our school can be classed as one learning group, ( under 120 people including students and staff)  physical distancing will be employed as much as possible

• Student and teacher desks will be spaced two metres apart in almost all cases.

 • Classes will utilize activities that encourage more space between students and staff, minimizing group activities and avoiding activities that require physical contact.

• The school will post occupancy limits for each classroom and shared space such as the Lunch Room, Washrooms, Teachers’ Room and Photocopy room.

•  In-school sports or exercise activities will be individual and held observing a two metre physical distance between students and staff.

• Floor markings will be used for line-ups in areas such as microwaves and reception.

• Students will avoid close greetings like hugs or handshakes.

Hand Hygiene

•There will be hand sanitizer stations in the hallways, at the front door, and in each classroom.

•There will be regular opportunities and time for students and staff to practice hand hygiene

•Students will be educated in hand hygiene protocol, including washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

 •The school will post hand washing educational signs near sinks and in the hallways and classrooms

 • All students and staff should perform hand hygiene at the following times as a minimum:

-when they arrive at school,

-before eating and drinking,

-after using the toilet.

-after sneezing or coughing into hands or tissues,

 -whenever hands are visibly dirty, before and after breaks,

-when moving between different learning environments, when moving between classrooms

 Personal Protective Equipment

• Masks will be required in school hallways and common areas

• All students will be provided with two cloth masks

•  Re-usable masks will also be available for staff and students if needed.


The school will be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the BC CDC’s Cleaning and Disinfectants for Public Settings-COVID -19 protocols.

• Frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned twice a day.

• Electronic and communications devices, such as keyboards, remote controls and microwaves will be wiped by antiseptic solution after each use.

• A deep cleaning  and disinfecting of the premises will occur once a day. This includes single use items such as a student desks or lockers, and plexiglass barriers.

• Shared items will be removed to avoid cross-contamination. (e.g., shared school supplies).All students will receive a pack of basic school supplies on the first day ( e.g. pencils, pens, ruler etc)  and these will be labelled.

• Sports equipment will not be used at this time unless they may be used individually and will then be cleaned after use. 

• Disinfectant spray and paper towel will be available in all classrooms.

Lunchtime Protocol

•  Students will not be permitted to leave the school property during school time

  • Students must not share food or drinks
  • No outside food ordering will be permitted
  • Students must eat at their own desk . The lunch room will be closed.
  • Desks must be wiped with a disinfectant before eating

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